Friday, July 6, 2012

Well, in my hurry to dash off my first blog entry I forgot to explain a few things. Let's start with the title.

  • "Feet first" - I did mention my penchant for shoes, but I like to think I jump into things with both feet: a sales career, teaching middle school, trying outdoorsy things with my husband, as well as our relationship! I also like to plan my outfits based upon which shoes I will wear. Guess that's what I get from selling shoes for 6 years. :)
  • "A Girls' Guide" - Surprise! I'm a female! And I'm going to give you my opinions! I know, I know, shattering stereotypes left and right here.
  • "Shoes" - love them. Nuff said.
  • "Books" - also love them. I was known as a child to take a book anywhere we went by car, even if it was a mile up the street to get McDonald's. I had to have some kind of entertainment until we got there! My mom and dad also like to tell the story that when I was 16 and started driving, I had no idea how to get anywhere - even the mall - because I hadn't paid attention to roads or navigation for 16 years! It was ironic, to say the least, when my second real job after college was as a sales rep who had to travel the mid-Atlantic states by herself. Can we say GPS??
  • "Bullets" - a recently-acquired interest. Last fall was the first time I went hunting and all I did was fire into some trees. I did knock down a huge branch though. Relax, that tree had it coming.
  • "Hooks" - also a recent interest. I've fished with my husband some - mostly fly fishing. We did use spinning rods at Kincaid Lake and baited hooks with hot dog in an attempt to lure catfish, but alas, no dice. All hot dog chunks were stolen by crafty cat fish. I did, however, catch a blue gill and a crappie at the latest fly fishing club meeting! The crappie pic is MIA but I will find it.

Now that you know a little more about me, I hope the blog title makes more sense. I do give credit to my husband for coming up with the final version, though! I think it's catchy enough that it gets stuck in readers' minds and they are compelled to come here and read my posts often!


  1. Hi Leslie. Got you on my blogroll under "Not necessarily about fishing". Been following you guys over on JGR for some time now. Welcome to the Blogging family.


    1. Thanks, Mark! It feels good to be "bookmarked!"

  2. Added you to my blog roll, been following your husband's blog for a while. Can't wait to see what you do. :D

    The Impractical Fishermen.

    1. Thanks for your support and reading time, Dan! I hope you enjoy it. :)